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Doorway-Accurate Maps

Geocoding aligned with the real-world

Our methodology

Conventional mapping data sets can be conflated, corrected, normalized and spatially aligned to within a few meters of ground truth using our core mapping platform.
With a simple photograph taken by our mobile app, delivery teams can easily refine doorway location data, identify secondary building entrances, and note pedestrian waypoints and loading docks. Data is validated by the Mapfit cloud and made available to Mapfit map users within minutes.
Computer Vision processing identifies new doorways and critical navigational elements as vehicles drive through urban areas, uploading and publishing map changes in real-time.

Address Enrichment

- Pedestrian Primary Entrances
- Pedestrian Secondary Entrances
- Parking Garage Entrances
- Loading Docks
- Waypoints
- A corrected building polygon

Our vision

Our goal is to build maps that are a reliable and real-time source of truth for people and devices alike. We believe the ultimate aim is for what's seen at the street level to translate directly into what's mapped. For Mapfit, this means creating map data today that's focused on doorway-accuracy, pushing for higher precision, and increasing the speed of updates to minute-by-minute.