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Use cutting-edge maps with seamless APIs, frameworks, and data licensing at a fraction of what competitors charge.

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The map platform for exceeding expectations

Mapfit powers the new standard of user experiences and defines a new level of map data accuracy.

Navigate door-to-door

We have the highest accuracy geocoder worldwide. Addresses are doorway-accurate and include entrance definition, such as primary, secondary, parking garage, and freight docks.

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License data sets

Our platform includes the highest commercial quality maps available across the world. We’re better or equal to Google Maps in accuracy in every country.

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SEO Friendly

Don’t compromise on page speed for a good user experience. Your Mapfit map's load speed is unrivaled and will always be SEO friendly.

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Comprehensive APIs for web and mobile

Start with our sample projects, read up on documentation, customize your own map, and learn how to use our powerful APIs.

An easy transition

If you’re already using a mapping provider, switching over is a no-brainer. On all levels of data quality, we equal or exceed Google Maps and come in at around half the cost.

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