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Map Tile API
Spin up your own vector tile server with world-wide coverage in just minutes.
Geocoding API
Convert addresses to entrance-aligned latitude/longitude, and find regions, roads or municipality centroids by name..
Directions API
Walking, driving and biking directions to/from any address in the world.
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Building Polygon API

Retrieve building polygons by either their address or lat/lon coordinates.

Area Polygon API

Find shape files of neighborhoods, states, countries and regions.

Static Map API

Image based (.jpg) tile server with world-wide coverage and customized styles.
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Implementing our frameworks is quick and easy. You can get your maps up and running with just a few lines of code, even if you are switching from another map provider.


Customizable maps from Paint

Change the colors of roads, land, buildings, and more in seconds with Mapfit Paint, our YAML-based text editor. Edit and preview your map themes in real-time using Tetragon or Tangram.

Create your own map style

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