Mapfit for Javascript

Add beautiful, interactive maps on the web with our easy-to-use Javascript framework.
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What do you want to build?

Display your map on web pages and mobile devices, add markers and polylines, modify layers and styles, set controls and events, and utilize our APIs and libraries.

Start with a sample project

These templates will show you the ropes and give you a head start on your project.

Starter Map

This template walks you through the basics. You’ll learn how to add a Mapfit map to your web page, add a marker to indicate a specific location, and toggle views and styles.

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Store Locator

Plot multiple points on a map and interact with them through clicks and a scrollable list view built to be responsive. You can also use this to build applications for Local Search, Location History, and many more.

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Real Estate

Add region polygons to your map and add click events to surface the Listings inside them. Toggle between List and Map Views. Interact in Map View through clicks and custom PlaceInfos or view a scrollable mobile-responsive list-map hybrid view in List View. Add click events to launch a Listing Detail page, featuring a single-point map.

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Try Mapfit Paint

Create a custom map style using our YAML-based text editor. Edit and preview your map themes in real-time using Tetragon or Tangram.

Create your own map style