Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our frequently asked questions about Mapfit pricing, products, data and tools.

How do I get a key?

To get an API key for limited-use, non-commercial projects, go to our Sign Up Now page to get one for free. If you’re looking to use our maps with a commercial license and higher usage, check our Pricing to find the right plan for you. When you’re ready, contact us and we’ll get you set up with an API key.

What is considered a "map view"?

A map view is a single map visualization request. Each visualization request includes unlimited pan and zoom functions. So, if you have two separate maps on one page load count, it's considered two map views.

Can I build something simple with Mapfit just to try it out?

Of course! You can use our Map Demo to create your own single-point map and save or share it. Plot a point on the map by inputting an address, customize your marker and map theme, and create a card with relevant information. Then, just add your email to receive your custom map as a URL and an IFrame!

What do I get in the Scale plan that I don’t in the Growth plan?

You instantly get 20X the map views per month, 850K more Geocode and Directions requests, and a discounted rate of just 20 cents per 1,000 additional requests. Plus, the Scale plan gets exclusive access to our Slim Vector tile server and to 24/7 phone support in addition to email support. Contact us for custom individual packages and data licensing opportunities for your Scale plan.

At $49/mo is it really unlimited users for web and mobile?

Yes. We know the other guys nickel and dime you for users. But, we don’t.

What is the definition of an "API request"? 

An API request refers to a single lookup you perform, regardless of how much data (lat/lon, secondary lat/lon, building polygon, route etc.) is returned in response to your request.

What’s the Slim Vector Map Server?

It allows you to use our reduced dataset for door-to-door walking, driving and biking navigation. The slim vector tiles have the added advantage of being up to 95% smaller than traditional map tiles but retain the same entrance-quality precision you’ll find in all of our maps. To achieve this, some UI features are removed, such as building polygons. 

Do you have static maps?

No, but our dynamic maps are lightweight, super-fast to load, and can easily be configured to function like a static map.

Can I get more than one result for a single address from the geocoder?

Not at the moment. The geocoder attempts to find the geolocation of the requested address. In ambiguous cases, if possible, a more specific query can result in a more specific result. For example, a search for an address in “Brooklyn, NY” or “Financial District, NY” may give better results than “New York, NY” since the latter is an entire metropolitan area and may lead to more ambiguity.

Geocoding multiple distinct addresses in one call is possible using HTTP POST, but will return one result per address requested.

Can you tell me a little more about Mapfit?

Mapfit Inc was founded in 2015 with the mission to reinvent and rebuild how map data is aggregated, processed, and distributed. Since then, we’ve built a mapping platform which ingests imagery, telemetry and spatial data sets, autonomously correcting hundreds of millions of map data points in hours.

How difficult is it to migrate to Mapfit from an existing map provider?

If you’ve built a map using Google Maps, you’ll find creating a map with Mapfit very familiar. To make it even easier, we've documented a step-by-step guide for Migrating to Mapfit.

What are the types of themes I can use for my map?

We offer three different themes for you to choose from: day, night or grayscale. In addition to the themes we have designed, you can design your own! Through our Paint tool you can customize a yaml file to create your own map. You’ll be able to save your map and use it when you create your first instance of our map.

What are the restrictions with geocoding in terms of storing?

The licensing terms for our Growth ($49/mo) and our Scale ($1499/mo) plans allow you to temporarily 'cache' the latitude/longitude data for the address. This means you can geocode locations and store the results of geocode requests temporarily. At minimum, you need to refresh at least once per week. If you leave the service you have to immediately delete the data from your servers and apps.

Can you use Mapfit with another mapping library, such as Leaflet?

We recommend using just the Mapfit JS to take advantage of our easy integration and custom styles and features that we offer. However, we are compatible with Leaflet as well and have you can use that library in conjunction with ours.